Join our effective and
sustainable transport network

Cargo Magnet offers transport buyers and transporters hasslefree
transport services by using network effects and markedplace capabilities in one platform 


Cargo Magnet is your digital freight forwarder in the Nordics. We connect shippers to empty trucks by using our technology and partnerships. This way we can offer a new standard of transparency and flexibility.

Reduce direct and indirect costs with Cargo Magnet’s freight management system.


Transport buyers

Know how much you pay 

Enkelt online frakt bestilling
Get offers directly from carriers
Digital documents in one place
Tracking shipments
API integration
Automated reports
B2B transports

For carriers

Load up your trucks and start earning money

Free of charge
Fleet- and driver management
Access to matching backloads
Spot and regular routes
API integration
Automated status updates



Cargo Magnet focuses on optimizing the transport process for our customers


Decarbonize transportation. 30% of all kilometers are driven empty. Smart matching reduces empty runs


Digital freight networks are the future. It will be a vital part in digitalization and optimization of the transport sector

Technology partnership

The development of the digital platform has been done in collaboration with LoadMe Europe, who have an award winning team and platform. LoadMe has years of experience as a digital logistics provider, in addition to a very experienced IT team. Many customers use LoadMe to execute thousands of shipments each month.

Intelligent platform

Control tower for road freight management

All-in-one platform for logistics managers where you can control and monitor new and ongoing transportations. You get automated reports and cloud access to truck/driver documents and trip documents such as Electronic Proof of Delivery (ePoD) and digital CMR.

Get rid of time-consuming routines

Our platform is developed to manage shipments at a large scale with dynamic pricing, reverse bidding, and automated load allocation. Forget calls, SMS and emails to get a quote, find out where your shipment is or what happened in case of delays.


Mobile app for carriers

The mobile app provides a two-way communication channel with your drivers. It enables dispatching, visibility, document data collection, and analytics. It gives you real-time data about the trucks’ and drivers’ locations to determine the status of the delivery, availability, and market overview.